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About Adex: History, Clients and Staff


Adex Ltd., Japan was founded in 1969 by Byron Fitzgerald, an American businessman, and was shortly taken over by Roger Williams, who has been the president and C.E.O. ever since.

Adex started as a technical translation company with a capitalization of one million yen. Copywriting capabilities were added in 1970 - '71 and high-quality photo-electronic typesetting services began in 1972. Adex added the ability to prepare complete printers' mechanicals the following year, and integrated design capabilities for print and visual media. By 1975, Adex was serving some of Japan's most prestigious companies and had increased its capitalization to four million yen. Originally a limited company (Y.K.), Adex became a joint-stock corporation (K.K.) in 1984 and was capitalized at 32 million yen, with current paid up capital of ten million yen. Adex was one of the first companies in Japan to offer website design and programming services, and web design is now the majority of our business.

A partial list of Adex's clients reads like a Who's Who of Japanese industry.

Seiko Corp. and the Seiko Group: Adex produced Epson World Epson World (now discontinued) a six-page magazine published by Epson (now Seiko Epson) for its English-speaking employees worldwide. Seiko Corp. is the holding company for the entire Seiko Group, and Adex works with several of its departments and subsidiaries to produce publicity and sales promotional materials. Current efforts focus largely on the corporate websites, which we designed in Japanese and English, and have done from the first website four "generations" ago.

JTB Corp: Adex is responsible for most of JTB's English Press Releases, preparing them for publication and for display on the world wide web. Adex produces the JTB Report, an annual summary of trends in the Japanese travel industry. Adex also designs and produces JTB's corporate brochure and JTB Global News. JTB Global News is a bi-monthly two-page magazine printed and displayed on the JTB's intranet for its English-speaking employees worldwide. Adex has also created an English website for JTB.

Mitsubishi Electric: Since its first edition 24 years ago, Adex has prepared Advance, now published as a online quarterly detailing the corporation's latest products and technical advances. Adex produced the first four generations of Mitsubishi Electric's Global Home Pages in English, and is responsible for major areas of the current Official World Website.

Asahi Glass: We designed the English corporate website and produce catalogs and brochures for several divisions and departments.