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Roger Williams, C.E.O.

Pres. Roger Williams Roger majored in Physics at Bristol University in England. He graduated in 1958 and soon became head of ICI's physical and chemical methods laboratory at Billingham, Co. Durham, where he developed instruments for chemical plants.

He came to Japan in 1966 and first completed two years of full-time study at the Kansai Naganuma School of the Japanese Language. After graduation, he became the physical sciences editor at Kodansha Scientific, where he edited books by Japanese scientists published jointly with Academic Press and Elsevier. In Adex's early years, he continued to work with Kodansha on publishing projects.

He is married, with six children, and his main interests outside of business are the episcopal church and music.

Under his management, Adex grew from an agency specializing in technical and scientific translations to a full-service advertising production agency working directly with the advertising and public relations departments of some of Japan's most prestigious corporations. In recent years, Adex's work is increasingly Internet dominated.